Contains descendants of Johann Gottfried Nauert and Dorothea Sophia Moritz Nauert. (PDF 35 pages may take a minute to download)

Albert and Minnie on their 25th wedding anniversary 5 Feb 1905.

Martin and Carlina Wieland Portrait.

Albert and Minnie Wieland on their wedding day 5 Feb 1880.

Left to right on the porch Minnie, Albert, Minnie’s mother Marie Baldebuck, Ernestine Bock an orphaned niece of Albert adopted by the family, Albert Jr.  Left to right on the lawn Marie (married a Fleischer), Caroline (never married) and August in the wagon.

Picture taken in 1929 on Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas of Luddie Agnes Nauert and her friend Jerry.



Describes the early days of Dessau.  The house is still standing. It is located about one half mile from Dessau Cemetery just north of Howard Lane.

Martin Wieland came to America by sailboat from Germany in 1854.

Family History

Contains Heinrich Wieland's descendants.  Two of his sons, Martin Wieland and his half brother Albert are buried in Dessau Cemetery.